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5 reasons why you should leave your job….

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It is nearly coming to the end of the first quarter of 2018, have you made the leap yet? Getting a new job might have been one of your New Year resolutions but have you done anything about it yet?

Leaving your current job could possibly be one of the smartest career moves you’ll ever make – Why? You have the potential to find better opportunities somewhere else!

But of course, making the decision to leave a job can be difficult and takes some serious thought. Here are the top five reasons to consider moving on.

1. You’re bored
Do you find yourself feeling unmotivated and constantly bored at work? You’re probably not being challenged enough or enjoying what you do. If you see a lack of advancement opportunities at your current position, it’s probably a good time to look elsewhere! The sooner you get a job you love, the happier your life will be.

2. A negative working environment
This could be working with negative bosses or co-workers that constantly bring you down, or even there may be uncertainty about the company’s future which could constitute a poor working environment because you might feel there is a lack of job security. Any environment that hinders your ability to work properly should be a good enough reason to consider a change.

3. You could make more money
Although money isn’t everything, it’s a big factor nonetheless. If you feel that you’re being underpaid, or see no chance at getting a salary increase, maybe there’s more money to be made elsewhere.

4. Seize new opportunities
While it’s easy to stay within your comfort zone, it’s also important to take certain risks in your career by making a jump. Which transferable skills can you bring over to a new position at a different company? Taking the leap to a new position can be scary, but this is something that will challenge you and force you to grow!

5. Trust your Gut
If you have looked into your heart and found that leaving is the answer, then make that move and figure out what could make you happier.

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