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The Amoria Bond AGM

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In mid December, we held our Annual General Meeting in Manchester at the Old Trafford football ground. Whatever your allegiances (if any), it is an impressive ground and like most football grounds has that tremendous mix of tradition and heritage as well as a sense of looking forward to the future. As you would expect, a significant proportion of the AGM presentation took football as the theme and related a lot of the achievements of the company during 2017 back to football.

Image of Group MD Ian Cross presenting at the Amoria Bond 20176 AGM

There was one aspect of the presentation however that particularly stood out for me and that was about 50% of all the consultants at Amoria Bond had achieved a promotion to a higher level within the business during 2017. That’s over 1 in 2 of everyone who works in the sales teams at Amoria Bond progressed in their career just in the last 12 months.

As part of the AGM presentation, there was also a focus on the company’s revised internal career development pathway – the 10 Steps Programme. This new career development approach clearly sets out the different levels within the business and what is required to achieve the next career stage.

Two of the people whom have benefited from this approach also had the opportunity to share with the rest of the business. Josephine Elliott and Eduard Turganov both talked through their backgrounds, why they got into recruitment and what challenges they have overcome to become successful in their career with Amoria Bond. It was really inspiring to hear their stories and to see how far they have come in a relatively short period of time.

Jo Elliott leads a presentation on her year at Amoria Bond One of the Principal Consultants from the Manchester office, Jo Elliott talks through her experiences of working for Amoria Bond

The day then finished with the annual Christmas Party which went onto late in the evening but there are no stories from that part of the day…

Let the 2017 Christmas Party begin!

The start of the party commenced with a glass or two of fizz…

One of the teams from Amsterdam enjoy the beginning of their party

A table from the Christmas party enjoy the start of the meal and the festivities

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