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Career Tip – Goal Setting and achieving your goals…

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You can work a lot and yet get nothing really done.

The reasons can be different. However, first of all it is important to have goals in life and pursue them. According to a recent Canadian study by psychologist Patrick Hill of Carleton University you can prolong your life by a few years by knowing what you want – regardless of what goals you have and how much discipline you show to pursue them.

The study showed that
– Goal-oriented people live a healthier life
– They focus more on their health and fitness
– They are happier and more content with their lives

The 1st step is to really know what you want and why. You need to be extremely motivated and make it your top priority to achieve that goal. Don’t try to achieve too many goals at once – take one step by the time.

Once you have defined your goal(s) – write them down or visualise them. Pin these goals where you will be able to see them EVERY day.

Try to surround yourself with positive people who support you. Negativity can hold you back and drag you down.

We at Amoria Bond want our employees to achieve their goals and dreams.

Look at the podcast of Ben Brophy who regularly comes in to do coaching sessions with the team at Amoria Bond on goal setting:

We have also got a great tool to help you visualise your goals. Have a look at how to create your own vision board to help you prioritise your goals and achieve them:

Vision Board

Have a great day,

Achieving life goals and being successful


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