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Five of the top transferable sales skills in recruitment

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Five of the top transferable sales skills in recruitment

If you come from a sales background but are considering taking on a new challenge, there’s good news. Many of the skills that help a salesperson succeed will also help them thrive in other industries – in recruitment in particular.

Sales and recruitment share particular skill sets. Those that excel in one are often a good fit for the other, which is great for those considering an exciting career change. Here are five of the top transferable sales skills that will also serve you well in recruitment…

1. Confidence

In recruitment, you often have to ‘sell’ a role to a candidate just like you would a product or service in the sales world. You’ll need to believe in yourself and deliver a strong, confident and persuasive pitch. Confidence is infectious, so if you can convince a client or candidate that you have the perfect solution, it’s very likely that they’ll believe you.

2. Goal-driven motivation

Another way that recruitment is very like sales relates to goals and targets. Recruiters have roles to fill and candidates to place, and they need to meet certain quotas. If you can motivate yourself to hit goals and smash targets, then you’ll go very far in both industries.

3. Resilience

It’s an inescapable fact about the sales world that you’ll face a lot of rejection, this just comes with the job. Not everyone will want to buy what you’re selling.

The same goes for recruitment. You’ll have some big wins, placing amazing candidates in high-profile roles, but you’re also bound to have plenty of disappointments. A person who can keep going and keep motivated even in the face of rejection (everyone has unlucky streaks, after all) has what it takes to succeed in recruitment.

4. Exceptional communication

Sales is predominantly driven by numbers and targets. But it’s also very much about people. In sales, you aim to push just the right buttons to persuade your client, as well as actively listening and expressing your pitch perfectly.

It’s absolutely the same in recruitment. You need to communicate your offer persuasively, manage both sides of a conversation, negotiate like an expert and handle delicate situations.

5. People skills

This last one is not the ‘people skills’ that most job hunters put on their CVs. What you’ll need to succeed in sales or recruitment is actually far more in-depth. You need to understand people’s motivations and really understand what makes them tick.

The key to being a great rather than just a good recruiter is matching personality, ethos and long-term goals between candidate and client. These can be far more important than qualifications on a piece of paper, as it ensures that a candidate will be a perfect fit for the organisation and vice versa.

Moving from sales into recruitment? Take a look here at the exciting opportunities we have available at Amoria Bond, or give us a call on 0161 448 8881 to find out more about us.

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