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How perseverance and an inspirational women’s football team could help your career

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How perseverance and an inspirational women’s football team could help your career

We all know about transferable skills, which can help you to move into new roles even if you don’t have direct experience of the job. Just as crucial in any career are qualities and characteristics you possess as a person, which can help you to succeed in a wide range of different roles, projects and new challenges.
One of the most important for those striving for success in sales recruitment is perseverance. Those who never give up are the ones who will rise through the ranks and hit their targets in this competitive, fast-paced industry.

Need inspiration?

If keeping on going in the face of rejection, obstacles and stress sometimes feels like a mountain that’s too high to climb, take a look at this amazing example of perseverance.

A women’s football team who hadn’t won a game for two years, and were on a losing streak of 38 out of 41 games (having drawn the other three), have recently scored a triumphant victory.

Yeovil Town Ladies were on a run of terrible luck and had all but been written off by pundits after a long period of defeats, after joining the top-flight Women’s Super League in 2016. But perseverance won the day as well as their recent match against Everton Ladies, thanks to a long-range strike by Hannah Short that left the final score 1-0 to Yeovil Town Ladies.

This story may be about sport, but it is a lesson that sales recruitment professionals should very much take to heart. This team spent two years striving without success, but their efforts eventually paid off thanks to the grit and self-belief of the team and their supporters.

How to develop your new sales recruitment ‘superpower’

Perseverance really is one of the best traits you can have as a sales recruitment professional, along with determination, positivity, motivation and belief in your own abilities. While these qualities come naturally to some people, they can also be developed. Follow these tips to make sure you never give up, even when losing a great candidate or having a bad day at the office:

• Learn from disappointments. If you don’t hit a target or a fantastic candidate opts for another role, it absolutely can be disappointing. But the optimistic professional will learn from these experiences and use the knowledge to improve their skills and methods for the next challenge.

• Practice positive planning. It can sometimes be hard to be optimistic, which can lead to a drop in motivation. Counter this by planning ahead, as simply the action of putting plans on paper and doing your research can give you a pick-me-up and make you feel like you’re back on top of things.

• Acknowledge your accomplishments. Give yourself a pat on the back for work done well, even if it didn’t turn out as planned – it’ll boost your self-confidence and keep you feeling optimistic.

• Clarify your goal. The way to stay on track and keep on going is to have a clear idea of what you’re aiming at – so take the time to clarify your goals every once in a while.

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