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Sales teams need natural light to thrive, and lots of it!

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Sales teams need natural light to thrive, and lots of it!

What’s the most productive and favourable working environment for a sales team? An on-site gym maybe? Breakout rooms with table tennis? A constant supply of tea and coffee, perhaps?

According to recent research published in the Harvard Business Review, natural light is the number one attribute of an office interior that employees crave.

The study, which surveyed 1,614 employees in the U.S, found that having daylight flooding into a room, alongside views of the outdoors, ranked as the primary feature of a working environment for employees, above the likes of gyms, cafes and on-site childcare.

More than a third of the employees surveyed said they feel their workspace lacks sufficient natural light, with 47% saying they feel tired due to an absence of daylight and 43% of employees admitting to feeling demoralised by the lack of windows in their office.

Multiple studies show that working in spaces that are void of natural light can have a negative impact on the health, wellbeing and performance of employees.

‘Sick Building Syndrome’

Such is the negative implications of poorly-lit offices with insufficient natural light, that the term ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ has been coined, a condition that causes symtons such as headaches, dizziness and breathing problems, due to working with little daylight.

By contrast, a working environment that has swathes of daylight flooding into the room, is associated with greater employee wellbeing and satisfaction, reduced stress and illnesses and therefore less absenteeism.

Improving alertness and productivity through natural light.

As well as the wellbeing benefits, an office with plenty of daylight is linked to a more productive, creative and alert workforce that generally performs better.

In a busy, highly competitive sales environment, it is vital employees are satisfied, alert, focused and have high morale, to do what they do best – sell.

As the Harvard Business Review article highlights, employees crave access to daylight and nature. In order to perform at their optimum and remain motivated, happy and driven, natural light needs to be maximised in any sales environment, providing sales professionals with unobstructed views from windows.

Such desired, favourable and invigorating working environments give sales reps the opportunity to thrive.

Creating a thriving sales environment

Talking about having the opportunity to thrive within a sales environment, if you’re a sales professional looking to make your next career move within the fast-paced and energetic world of recruitment, then look no further than Amoria Bond.

Become a high-flying recruitment professional for Amoria Bond and be located in one of our glamorous international offices in Manchester, Singapore, Cologne and Amsterdam, where you can enjoy working in the most vibrant and compelling of workspaces with plenty of natural light designed to assist you in a highly successful career in recruitment.

Join our dynamic sales environment designed to help recruitment professionals develop their career and thrive, where they won’t be forced to endure negative surroundings, such as a lack of daylight in the office.

We prioritise the health and wellbeing of every individual who joins our team, so get in touch with Amoria Bond and take your career in recruitment to new heights.

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