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Want a recruitment job in 2019? Top five soft skills that recruiters need

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Want a new role in 2019? Recruitment firms are looking for talent with these five soft skills

In an industry such as recruitment, it is often the so-called soft skills that employers prize. Experience, qualifications and training are all important, but personal skills and character attributes are what make you more likely to excel in the role. Research has shown that over half of senior leaders value soft skills over ‘hard’ skills (i.e. familiarity with certain software).

Like hard skills which you can learn through training, these important soft skills can be taught. However, some people will be more skilled at some of these soft skills naturally though.

LinkedIn has recently published its list of the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for in 2019. Lo and behold, at the top of the list are soft skills. After analysing thousands of job adverts, researchers were able to pick out the skills that employers most value, but which can prove the hardest to find. These were time management, adaptability, collaboration, persuasion and at the very top of the list – creativity.

Why in-demand soft skills are prized by the recruitment industry?

When looking at the top five most in-demand soft skills as compiled by LinkedIn, there’s a clear correlation between these attributes and those needed to excel in the field of recruitment. If you’re a recruitment professional looking for a new challenge in 2019, here’s how your valuable soft skills could help you land an exciting role at a leading firm like Amoria Bond:

Time management

Time management is an essential personal skill for a wide range of different industries, but it’s particularly important in recruitment. If you can manage your time and tasks effectively, you can get much more done in far less time. With more time, you can find and reach more candidates, chase up and close more leads, and provide a quicker, more effective candidate experience.

At Amoria Bond, we support our team with guidance to help them best utilise their time.


In recruitment, no two situations are alike. You’ll receive award-winning training at a firm such as Amoria Bond which helps you prepare for as many different scenarios as possible, but you’ll still need to be adaptable and rely on your wits and experience. If you can demonstrate adaptability and the ability to employ a flexible approach to daily work, you’ll go far in recruitment.


In sales and recruitment in general, many organisations favour a ‘lone wolf’ approach with their sales staff. However, firms like Amoria Bond are different. Here, collaboration is a valuable skill and we actively encourage as well as reward collaborative approaches to achieving goals. If you work well within a team ethos, you’ll fit right in at Amoria Bond.


This is a key requirement for a recruitment consultancy role as you’ll be dealing with people all the time in your role. If candidates need persuading to consider a role you think they’ll be perfect for, it’s up to you to convince them.


It might surprise you to learn that there is a real need for creativity in the recruitment industry. It isn’t just a matter of following pre-defined processes, in fact the opposite is true. You’ll often face new challenges and problems from your clients and candidates, some of which you’ve never encountered before. You’ll need to draw on all of your creativity and problem-solving skills to find solutions for your clients, some of which will need to be ‘outside of the box’.

Do you have all of these skills and are looking for a new challenge in 2019? It sounds like you’ll be perfect for a role here at Amoria Bond, a thriving, pioneering recruitment agency with a progressive company culture. Get in touch with our team to discuss the exciting opportunities we have available in the coming year.

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