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Team Spirit at the Didsbury Business Games

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You may or may not know this but, over the past few weeks Amoria Bond has been taking part in the Didsbury Business Games. The Games are a series of team based competitions for local businesses to raise money for The Christie, a charity providing enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds for more than 44,000 cancer patients every year.

The chance to raise money for a very worthy cause, be active and also feel the glory of winning event was a no brainer for Team Amoria Bond!

The competition includes everything from Food Sorcery to Dodgeball and it’s been amazing to see our company culture shine; when you work with such excitable and unashamedly competitive people day to day it’s easy to take that for granted!

Cookery competition winners

Some of the Amoria Bond team after winning the cooking competiton

Nothing like a team based activity to get you thinking about the importance of camaraderie in business. I joined Team Amoria Bond for the Didsbury Business Bowling Tournament and I couldn’t help but think about what we were doing at Amoria Bond to create a winning culture.

Amoria Bond's bowling team at the Didsbury Business Games

Amoria Bond’s bowling team at the Didsbury Business Games

1. You have to celebrate the small wins. Half of our team at the tournament were terrible bowlers (I’m sure they won’t mind me saying this!), but being cheered on by friends and colleagues for hitting just one pin, meant the world to us. It also helped us grow with confidence, have more passion and eventually more success. Applauding every gutter ball resulted in us miraculously beating the other teams. The same can be said of a career in recruitment. You won’t win every client, but you do need to keep positive and celebrate the small steps you are making on your quest for the perfect placement.

2. Surround yourself with good people. We say time and time again, that positivity breeds positivity. I definitely noticed that teams who were cheering each other on at the event, appeared to perform better than those that were bowling in silence. It’s easy to forget the impact of positive colleagues when you have worked for one company a long time. Your work colleagues should empower and support you; this all adds to a great company culture. I’m extremely selective when it come to hiring new people for Amoria Bond – and why not? Anyone who comes in has to have a winning mentality, but it’s also equally important that they are a positive impact on the culture we have worked hard to build.

3. The secret to living is giving. So far we have raised £2,700 just by participating in the Didsbury Business games – the satisfaction of knowing that we are contributing towards a fantastic cause is incredible. The Amoria Bond Charitable Trust works on a number of local and international projects; this time last year I was asking everyone I knew and a few people I didn’t know for money to support our Charitable Trust’s visit to Peru. It’s possibly seen as an unusual division of a recruitment business, but Amoria Bond is about progressing lives, it always has been.

The Didsbury Business Games are not over yet, but regardless of the outcome, joining this tournament has added so much more to our company culture. Please support our team in raising money for The Christie. You can donate here –

Feel free to follow our progress in the Didsbury Business Games here –

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