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Top things job seekers are looking for in 2019

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Top things job seekers are looking for in 2019

2019 is just around the corner and with a New Year comes a yearning for a fresh start for much of the working population. From AI candidate screening to job seekers enhancing their personal brand using video, 2018 has seen some exciting developments in the world of recruitment and what employees are looking for in jobs.

And 2019 promises to be no different with job seekers looking set to continue mapping out some specific aspirations in their hunt for a new career opening.

Take a look at the following top things job seekers are looking for in 2019.

Workplace flexibility

Working patterns have been rapidly evolving in recent years, with former rigid 9 – 5 structures being replaced by more flexible working patterns that see employees have greater freedom and control over when and where they work.

This demand for greater flexibility over the working day, which enables employees to have greater autonomy over the hours they work and where they work, so they can achieve greater work/life balance, is set to be a key criterion for job seekers as we move into 2019.

An employer that shows an interest in employees’ health and wellbeing

Well-being programmes, which prioritise the health and well-being of staff through incentives such as encouraging walking or cycling to work, having fresh fruit and water readily available for free in the office and promoting regular breaks from the workstation, may have started out as a company perk but have progressed into an obligatory feature that employees look for when searching for a new employer.

Making health and well-being programmes, which involve organisations investing time and resources into supporting employees’ mental and physical health, helps employers attract and retain a loyal set of workers, and will remain a key component that lures candidates to an employer in 2019.

A fun environment to work in

Millennials, Generation Z and even older generations are increasingly craving to work in fun and inspiring environments, a trend that is set to grow with even greater vigour in the coming year.

In fact, according to a recent survey, two-thirds of Generation Z employees prioritise looking for a “fun” environment when deliberating whether an organisation’s culture is right for them.

Fun working environments can be defined as those that possess vibrant, inspiring interiors, those which conduct staff meetings in an informal, interactive and engaging way, that provide staff perks such as dress down days, monthly competitions, and have ‘happiness’ appraisals which provide employees with a chance to inform management of how content they are at work.

Training and personal development

Employees are increasingly looking for career opportunities that offer training and personal development prospects. As we head towards 2019 the demand to become part of a company that embraces a culture that offers its employees the chance to train, progress up the career ladder and develop personally as well as professionally, show no sign of abating.

An employer that shows recognition and gratitude

Another top company trait job seekers will be looking for in 2019 is to work for an employer that shows recognition and gratitude. Rather than reserving gratitude, appreciation and recognition for special occasions, modern-day job seekers want to work of a company that shows they care by making it standard practice to be thanked regularly.

This leading company culture trait job seekers are looking for isn’t difficult, costly or time-consuming to carry out and can be achieved by simply praising employees for a job well done, saying thank you, learning colleagues’ interests, and providing gratitude when it’s deserved.

If you’re a sales professional and are looking for a fresh challenge in 2019 for a recruitment agency that possesses a thriving and progressive company culture, and which is regularly named as a top company to work for, then get in touch with Amoria Bond. Together we’ll help you be your best.

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