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World Book Day 2019: Our recommended reading

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World Book Day 2019: Our reading recommendations for improving your business skills

As it is World Book Day 2019 today (Thursday 7th March), members of the Amoria Bond team from around the world have been thinking about some of the best books we’d recommend for improving your business skills. If you work in recruitment or want to step up the career ladder, it all starts with reading these self-improvement bibles…

· Breakthrough (2008) by Steven M. Finkel

Nick Barrow, who is one of the founders of the Amoria Bond company, names Breakthrough as one of the best books you can read on the recruitment industry. If you need a handbook on how to learn the profession, thrive in the job and rise to the level of your dreams, it’s a must-read.

· The Chimp Paradox (2012) by Dr. Steve Peters

Recommended by Andrew Beard, our Amsterdam Business Manager, The Chimp Paradox is one of the best-selling self-help books in the UK and throughout the world. It was written by British sports psychiatrist Dr. Steve Peters and focuses on a mind management model that the author himself developed. After reading this book, you’ll learn to recognise how your mind works, how you can manage it more effectively and ultimately, become the person you’d like to be.

Not a big reader? Try a podcast or a webinar

Not everyone loves reading, nor do we all have the time to sit down with a book. This is where podcasts, audiobooks and webinars can be extremely useful. You can listen on the go, during your commute or your lunch break.

If you want to break into recruitment but you’re time-poor at the moment, try the Awaken the Giant Within podcast or audiobook by Tony Robbins.

This is a top recommendation from the Amoria Bond team, as it covers expert advice on improving both professional and personal relationships. There’s even a seven-day ‘mental diet’ of simple activities, which add up to make a major change in your life. If you want to master your emotions, ditch bad habits and succeed at work and in your personal life, give this podcast a listen.

How self-help can help your career

World Book Day is the ideal time to pick up a self-help book, but how exactly will it help your career? At companies like Amoria Bond, it isn’t just your recruitment experience and skills on paper that we’re looking for. We also want well-rounded people who are driven to succeed, whose goals align with ours and who take self-improvement seriously.

Self-help books can help with a huge number of different aspects of your professional life and personality, such as public speaking, confidence, building relationships, managing stress, setting realistic and relevant goals and taking pride in your work.

If you’re interested in working with us here at Amoria Bond, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our people are our biggest asset, which is why we offer unrivaled benefits, training, support and career progression, to help you achieve your goals.

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